Koh Phangan, discover the art of letting go..

Koh Phangan island is a self-healing paradise for many of its visitors, who keep coming back every time to experience the magical energy of this unique place.

Tropical paradise retreat
sunset Koh Phangan
coconut shack
tropical island retreat
Sunset in tropical paradise
sunset in Koh Phangan
boats in Srithanu, Shakti yoga retreat
Dissolving the clouds of depression
happy beach retreat
Buddhist temple in Srithanu, Koh Phangan

A large proportion of Koh Phangan, the healing island,  is covered by coral reef fringed beaches, tropical rainforest and coconut groves. Fishing and coconut production are still an important source of income, together with tourism.

The relaxing beach life, the beautiful coral reef with photogenic fish and the beauty of thousands of swaying palms, attract a lot of visitors. Koh Phangan still has the island feel that many other places lost because of overdevelopment. The island is renowned for its relaxed special atmosphere which brings people from all over the world back every year.

Koh Phangan was uninhabited until about 600 years ago when passing monks realised its tranquillity and spiritual importance and settled in Wat Phu Khao Noi, just outside Thongsala pier. It is Thailand’s fifth biggest island and has an area of 167km2, thus over 90% of Phangan is unspoilt tropical forest; and due to its granite structure, there are several small mountains where it’s possible to trek and even camp. There is an abundance of wildlife from monkeys to birds of paradise and then there is the amazing underwater world that surrounds Koh Phangan; with over 10kms of vibrant coral and 20 local dive sites.

You will surrender to beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by jungle forest, high-hill view points and amazing sunsets at the famous Zen beach. On the east side, the island’s national park area, with waterfalls and incredibly high trees in the dense jungle. Much more that all this, your personal experience of this special place on earth, will be definitely unforgettable.

If you wish to explore around the island, you can easily rent a motorbike or a car.