Mind and Emotion Reset retreat Thailand

much more than a yoga retreat

Shakti yoga hall

Tropical Nature

Sanskrit mantra chanting meditation

Morning Meditation

yoga for beginners

Therapeutic Yoga sessions

rebirthing breathwork

Guided experiences


Beach-front resort


Private bungalows

boats in Srithanu, Shakti yoga retreat

Open horizons

Find peace and harmony within

Reactivate your natural creative force

Break out of where you are criticised and restricted

Become the source of support and inspiration for others

This spiritual retreat is for you if..

~You have reached a plateau. Your life needs fresh inspiration,  you feel unfulfilled or flat and need to break out.

~You are having a burnout. You feel drained, unmotivated, disappointed. You need reset and empowerment to detach from what does not serve you anymore.

~You are passing through a crisis. The ground seems unstable underneath you. You seek encouragement, empowerment and support to re-align to your center.

~You have reached a crossroad. You now seek guidance in order to proceed. You feel overwhelmed, confused and need to nurture, contemplate your options and move on.

The basic elements of the program in a nutshell:


Transcendental mantra meditation

a precious practice in your life

Daily meditation practice brings focus and clarity in making decisions. Learn how to bring it in your daily life and how to keep it there. Sanskrit mantra recitation, is an ancient method of meditation, used to dissolve the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind. Spiritual retreat Thailand.

retreat Thailand

Therapeutic yoga

gentle morning sessions

A blend of traditional Hatha yoga practices that will help you re-connect with your body. This daily self-care activity, restores the energy flow in the vital organs, reduces stress & anxiety and brings focus of your awareness in your well-being. Spiritual retreat Thailand.

Emotional rebalance retreat dearmouring

De-armouring practice

muscle / emotion release

During intense experiences, muscles get contracted, compressing nerves and causing all kinds of physical and emotional disorders. In this session you will release tension and begin to restore the natural flow in your physical body. Spiritual retreat Thailand.

breathwork Thailand

Rebirthing Breathwork

discover the power of breath

Rebirthing breathwork is a very powerful guided self-healing technique. By circulating the breath in a certain way, you connect into your natural healing process. During the session, we are working on the deeper layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body. Spiritual retreat Thailand.

Leena the divine play, retreat Thailand

Leela board

revealing your life dynamics

Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning the Divine Play. Through this transpersonal experience, the participants dive into their life dynamics, explore the karmic principles and discover the way out of false identities, attachments and subconscious ego-mind programs. Spiritual retreat Thailand.



drawing through the obstacles

Neuro-mapping is an art-like process that guides participants into an expanded state of consciousness. As we are opening the door to the subconscious, we are able to change our self-limitation patterns permanently. Spiritual retreat Thailand.

spiritual retreat Thailand


Trauma Release Exercises

Simple exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular memory of stress, tension and trauma. You can apply TRE as a self-care technique in your daily life, continuously supporting and promoting your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Quantum reset 1

Quantum Reset private session

(included in the program price)

The purpose of this private session is to initiate a quantum shift in the nervous system of the receiver, heal ancestral and emotional wounds, awaken the natural flow of vital energy and bring the whole body-mind-spirit structure into its natural state of peace, harmony, love and connection. This unique neo-shamanic treatment is facilitated by a hereditary healer and is built on the principles of authentic self-empowerment methods, somatic experiencing therapy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, clairvoyance and ‘beyond mind & matter’ experiences. Spiritual retreat Thailand.

Nurturing and caring environment

Guided experiences with professional facilitators

Private time and space for nature, reflection and integration

Like-minded people, small intimate groups, individual healing sessions

An experiential journey that blends travel with personal growth and transformation

To ensure maximum personal attention, we accept only up to 8 participants in every retreat cycle

For the exclusive Leadership Retreat, please message us at: leadership@shaktiflow.yoga

More possibilities during your retreat:

  • Receive a personal Mantra to continue your meditation practice
  • Experience a past-lives regression private session
  • Receive an internal organs abdominal massage (chi-nei-tsang)
  • Find your meditation posture with Nirvani meditation seat

Mind & Emotion Reset retreat Thailand

Your journey to a better quality of life

We are here to support and empower your transition with this holistic “mind-body-soul” spiritual retreat Thailand program. An individual approach to each participant, with professional guidance, in a safe and nurturing space where everyone is seen, heard and free to express their emotions.  

Hundreds of people have shared that they had a life-changing experience during this spiritual retreat and could clearly feel a positive change in their way of thinking and feeling (see testimonials).

Important Disclaimer

This program is designed for people with a reasonably stable mental and emotional health and is meant to help you manage your emotions and balance your state of well-being. It will not address mental disorders or psycho-mental imbalances. The methods we offer can be helpful additions, but cannot replace appropriate mental healthcare with the help of a professional therapist.

Kindly note that for people who suffer from mental health issues, or are currently on psychiatric medications, we strongly recommend not to join our courses or retreats. For those who do -however- decide to join, they do so on their own responsibility. Spiritual retreat Thailand.

Shakti Yoga retreat center offers a valuable opportunity. Supported by experienced facilitators, you will learn how to observe and deal with your mental and emotional patterns. 

Now is the time to move on to a better life!

retreat Thailand

Our mission and facilitators

In the Mind & Emotion Reset retreat we offer a unique spiritual program, in a safe environment, with proper guidance and support, for you to engage in your self-healing process and evolve in your physical and mental wellbeing. Retreat Thailand.


Our guests on Tripadvisor

Read some of the heartfelt comments of our guests on Tripadvisor. They really give us the inspiration for even more depth to the program we provide and facilitate. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to host and serve. Retreat Thailand.


The boutique beach resort

Beautiful and small, Thai style beach-front resort. Delicious vegetarian/vegan food, white sandy beach, swimming pool and lovely, friendly staff. Located at Happy Beach, only 8 minutes walking from the Shakti yoga shala.

Our guests recommend:


Such an amazing time, full of heart opening and awakening moments. There is something really special about the retreat location and the facilitators, that cannot be described in words. I am still in a place of inner calmness and postponed my going back to Switzerland for a while. From my heart, I wish that everybody could have the chance to experience this retreat Thailand. Thank you Nadiia and Satyaprem, for your authentic guidance.

Samantha Reiner
Business Consultant, Switzerland


If you are reading this review, you are already drawn to this incredible place. I had a truly transformative 2 weeks at their Emotional Detox Program. The resort was a short walk to the yoga hall, which is surrounded by a Buddhist temple and the jungle. The food and service at the resort was superb and they worked around all dietary restrictions / allergies. My yoga / workshop instructors taught from their heart and this made all the difference in my experience. I feel grateful for this life-changing retreat Thailand.

Tammy Nguyen Le
Social Events Manager and plant medicine ambassador, United States


I could really make this long. Because I experienced something rare. Something you don’t find easily, gifted people, in a special place. The Jungle Shala, I can only say it is a sacred space. Combined with a beautiful beach resort and nourishing amazing food, this retreat was a spiritual experience that revealed to me, my own possibilities. To Satyaprem and Nadiia, thank you for leading me to my inner-guidance.

Klaus Hofmann
Nature Photography, Austria

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