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The Emotional Detox Facilitators



Kirtan singer, vocal healer

My new journey of evolution started 15 years ago with daily yoga practice and purification, using advanced Kriya Yoga techniques. As a result, I left my well-established career in finance, to fully surrender in creating the experience of Mantra chanting and Kirtan singing. I have been singing and playing guitar since the age of 14. When I discovered Kirtan in India, I realised the powerful healing effect of Sanskrit Mantra. For the past twelve years, with Kirtan singing I create the space to open your heart and connect with your own Divinity, your forgotten Free Will.



Leela facilitator, intuitive healer

My first spiritual awakening happened 10 years ago during a Vipassana silence retreat. Since then I have been continuously exploring my powers and expanding my boundaries through yoga practice, meditation, past life regressions, plant medicine, travelling, arts and surrender. I am an intuitive healer, Thai massage therapist and Face Yoga trainer. My passion is to share experience and knowledge and assist everyone in their awakening path. My mission is to heal the Hearts. I am here waiting for you. Take a step forward.

Ria2 HD


Yin and Heart yoga facilitator

During my journey, I have been facilitating Classes, Retreats, Teacher Trainings and Workshops in more that 10 countries. My goal is to support people in their journey of accessing the best version of themselves through emotional release, mindset shift, heart opening and spiritual connection. My classes focus on guiding you into self acceptance and self expression, by creating an internally nourishing practice that is accessible, safe, fluid yet challenging and energising. My latest passion is crystal healing.



InnerDance facilitator

I am an InnerDance host and facilitator. I also offer sessions as a reiki master and I amĀ  a student of solfeggio vibrational sound healing. I have now devoted my life to holding the space for self-healing and I have been facilitating InnerDance for the past 3 years. Using my crystal bowls and special music/sound effects, I am creating your direct connection with your Subconscious mind.