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Online emotional rebalance consultation

This is an opportunity for a private consultation with Satyaprem, the founder of Shakti yoga retreat center. An important opening for you to receive valuable insights on various issues that trouble your mind and Heart. The session is gently guided through, as we navigate through the emotional patterns that where created by the programming you received in your childhood. These patterns, residing in the subconscious, are ruling your life and are driving all your decisions, hidden below your level of awareness. Together we recognise them, while step by step, you connect again with your power of free-will.

To book your session, you can contact me at: connect@shaktiflow.yoga

Session duration: 60 minutes

Exchange: 108 €


Online Mantra chanting meditation

Sanskrit Mantra chanting, also known as japa yoga, is an essential practice in the journey of self-realization. The vibrational power of ancient mantra, removes the impurities of the mind, destroys attachments and unhealthy habits and results in subconscious mind reprogramming.

There is no need for any special knowledge in Sanskrit. The mantra are short and the experience powerful.

Facilitator: Satyaprem

Duration: 45 minutes

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