Retreat message ~ Shakti Yoga retreat center

It has been a very strange and turbulent period, with rapid changes in our way of life, that had deep effects in our sense of trust and our already fragile emotional stability. We have been brought into a new reality, where we are strongly advocated and tightly driven to move further away from the universal truth of connection and oneness. We are being forced to move further away from the Truth of the Heart. The ancestral trauma of separation is now being activated in the most dramatic way.

However, there is always a choice. This is the foundation, the first law of the Universe. There is always a choice. Depending on our conscious decision, the new reality can become of more suffering, or a true blessing, a voluntary imprisonment or a brave liberation of the Heart. Making this choice, is the challenge of a lifetime during this phase of transition. The battle for this choice is happening inside the collective Mind, the maker of its own prison, where it comfortably resides. So let us not be deceived, because not making any choice is a mere submission, that will keep us in emotional suffering.

Unexpectedly, the forced change had a side effect: it has also initiated a wide awakening of many. There comes now a deep understanding that we cannot continue living in fear for a future that we, ourselves, create in this present moment. It is now more clear than ever, that if we live in fear today, we create a tomorrow of fear. It is a struggling process, an emotional battle between Fear and Love. And the first awakening will be to realise that the ability to express true Love, springs from loving our Self. Not in a way of feeding our ego, but in a way of nourishing our emotional wounds, connecting with our true higher nature that lies in the space of the Heart. This is the great awakening that will lead to our transformation from victimhood, towards Self-Love.