Mind and Emotion Reset spiritual retreat, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Sample schedule of the retreat program:

This program is designed to empower you, so that you can re-connect with your true potential. Become the observer of your emotions, understand and reprogram your mind-body to heal. Open your heart towards freedom, joy and fulfilment.

The weekly program starts on Monday at 08:00am and concludes on Sunday at 10:30am.
The check-in at the resort is always one day before the beginning of the program, on Sunday. If you want to check-in earlier, just let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.
When joining the 2 full weeks, in every session of the second week of the program you will go deeper, revealing and removing more layers of mind and emotion conditioning.

The elements of the Mind and Emotion Reset retreat program:

Sanskrit mantra chanting meditation

Morning transcendental mantra meditation

Bringing meditation into your daily life and keeping it there. The mantra chanting meditation is the path to transformation and positive change, because it purifies the mind. Getting to the ancient root of it all, mantra repetition, at its core, is a Tantric practice that was performed before any religion appeared. The sound vibration of different Mantra, can direct the healing power of the vital energy (Prana) and will be used to activate and access higher spiritual states of consciousness. You will also be guided through the meditation postures, so that you can benefit a peaceful body position during practice and you will have the opportunity to try the revolutionary Nirvani meditation seat.

Therapeutic yoga

Morning gentle yoga for all levels

Every morning after your meditation session, enjoy the all-levels gentle rebalance yoga, to essentially re-connect with your body and your nervous system. This practice Improves the energy flow in the vital organs, reduces stress & anxiety, focusing your awareness in the present moment. A special blend of Pranayama (breathing techniques), Yin yoga and traditional Hatha yoga, works deep on your fascia while improving joint mobility and flexibility. The practice offers wonderful Emotional and Mental health benefits and will also accelerate your meditation practice. The postures are gentle and combined with breath awareness. Learning to receive the messages of your precious and intelligent body.

Emotional rebalance retreat dearmouring

De-armouring the muscles workshop

This unique signature workshop based on myofunctional physical therapy (the muscles of the head, neck, jaw and the muscles that surround and support the tongue), neurovascular release techniques (reducing the body’s subconscious need to protect the neural and vascular networks), conscious breathing, face acupressure (as well as improving the functions of the corresponding organs) and postural chain re-balancing exercises. The participants experience release in their jaw & neck area, profound emotional relief, deep relaxation and at the same time a natural boost of energy, positive mood, confidence and improved self-image. In addition to the deep healing result, many workshop attendants noticed a surprising anti-aging effect on their face, relief from chronic migraines, vertigo and other psycho-emotional imbalances.

breathwork Thailand

Rebirthing breathwork

Rebirthing is a very powerful, self-healing, breathing technique. By circulating the breath in a guided way, the body receives a new flow of fresh oxygen and prana, allowing the activation of your natural healing system. In a Rebirthing session we work on the deeper layers of the physical, emotional and energy body. You will re-wire mental patterns, release stuck emotions connected with memories, unlock your full potential and activate your life force energy. During the session, the safe space helps you to dive deep within yourself and open-up for healing and positive transformation.

Leela the divine play

Leela transpersonal experience

Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning the Divine Play, in which we all participate during our lifetime. Through this experiential process, the participant dives into the life-game mechanism, explores karmic principles, the mystery of the endless cycles of rebirth, and finally discovers the unique way out of false identifications, attachments and subconscious ego-mind programs. A lot of insights and revelations. In the end of the session, the player feels liberation, connection, clarity & elevation. A great adventure and a great discovery for the true self-explorers.



This new technique is based on the neuroplasticity principle, the ability of our brain to regenerate lost neural connections. The process leads to a profound inner change and assists in shifting from a fragmented limited state of being, to unlocking the sources of inner power, self-worth and inspiration for life. The method can be also used in your daily life as a self-regulation tool, to support and encourage you in moments of intense emotional experiences, so you can take decisions that serve your personal as well as the collective wellbeing. This unique process helps the participants to convey their current issues and challenges to a positive resolution, brings about powerful insights, deep relaxation and harmony and activates creative thinking. The session evolves through guided drawing and colouring, while the participant unfolds the layers of an intentional theme that needs resolution.

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TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)

TRE is a series of simple exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular memory of stress, tension and trauma. By activating our natural tremor mechanism of shaking or vibrating we allow the body to discharge the stored tension. Once you have learned to activate the tremoring mechanism in a safe and controlled way, you can apply TRE as a self-care technique in your daily life, thereby continuously supporting and promoting personal health, well-being and wholeness.

Quantum reset 1

Quantum Reset private session

This unique neo-shamanic private session (included in the retreat price) is facilitated by a hereditary healer and is built on the principles of authentic self empowerment methods, somatic experiencing therapy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, clairvoyance and beyond mind & matter experiences. A gentle, non-invasive, hands-on session is performed on a massage table, the participant is fully clothed, while the therapist’s touch and presence are creating a relational field that holds a deep sense of safety and capacity to heal from within, led and paced by the participant. The therapy creates a safe space for traumatic experiences to emerge and resolve smoothly without being overwhelming or re-stimulating, guiding the participant to heal past issues and become more fulfilled and empowered in the present. After undergoing this treatment, the participant tends to experience increased energy levels, a heart opening sensation, ease and peace in relation to their request, improved sleep, and an overall renewed sense of well-being. It is recommended to have a series of three sessions, in order to experience a long lasting embodied transformation and a deep sense of wholeness.


~ Relax on the quiet beach
~ Explore the tropical island of Koh-Phangan
~ Get cultural experience
~ Book a private session (quantum healing, abdominal massage, past-life regression experience, face massage and more)