Shakti yoga emotional rebalance retreat program, Koh Phangan

This retreat program is designed to empower you, so that you re-connect with your true potential. Become the observer of your emotions, understand and reprogram your mind-body to heal. Open your heart towards freedom, joy and fulfilment.

Our next retreat dates for 2022 (join for 1 or 2 weeks):
May 8-22
June 5-19
July 3-17
July 31-August 14
October 2-16
November 6-20
New year retreat: December 18, 2022-January 8, 2023
Sanskrit mantra chanting meditation

Morning meditation

Mantra meditation is the path to transformation and positive change, because it purifies the mind. Getting to the ancient root of it all, mantra repetition, at its core, is a Tantric practice that was performed before any religion appeared. The sound vibration of different Mantra, can direct the healing power of the vital energy (Prana) and will be used to activate and access higher spiritual states of consciousness. You will also be guided through the meditation postures, so that you can benefit a peaceful body position during practice. During the practice you will have the opportunity to test the revolutionary “Nirvani” meditation seat.

Therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic yoga for beginners

Every morning after your meditation session, enjoy the beginners level traditional Hatha and alignment yoga, to essentially re-connect with your body. This practice Improves the energy flow in the vital organs, reduces stress & anxiety, focusing your awareness in the present moment. A special blend of Yin yoga and traditional Hatha, works deep on your fascia while improving joint mobility and flexibility. The practice offers wonderful Emotional and Mental health benefits and will also accelerate your meditation practice.



Neuro-mapping is an art-like process that guides participants into expanded states of consciousness. As we are opening the door to the subconscious, we are able to change our self-limitation patterns permanently. The guided session evolves through drawing and colouring, while the participant unfolds the layers of an intentional theme that needs resolution.

breathwork Thailand

Rebirthing breathwork

Rebirthing is a very powerful, self-healing, breathing technique. By circulating the breath, in a guided way, the body receives a new flow of fresh oxygen and prana, allowing activation of your natural healing system. In a Rebirthing session we are working on the deeper layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body. Re-wire patterns and release stuck emotions from the past, unlock your energetic potential and activate your life force energy. During the session, the safe space helps you to dive deep within yourself and to open up for healing, transformation and deeper inner connection.

Leela the divine play

Leela, the Game of Life

Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning the Divine Play, the Game that we are all playing on the illusionary stage of Maya, or Matrix, or Simulation. Through this experiential process, the participant dives into the life-game mechanism, explores karmic principles, the mystery of the endless cycles of rebirth, and finally discovers the unique way out of false identifications, attachments and subconscious ego-mind programs. A lot of insights and revelations. In the end of the session, the player feels liberation, connection, clarity & elevation. A great adventure and a great discovery for the true self-explorers.

Emotional rebalance retreat dearmouring

De-armouring practice

Armouring is a defence reaction of the body. Auto-response creates tension, a muscular preparation for action. While continuously reacting on every-day situations, the muscles of the body get contracted, compressing the nerves and blood vessels, blocking energy circulation and causing all kinds of emotional disorders. The practice session is designed to release the strongest muscular tension stored in the jaw, neck and shoulders area, discharge trapped negative emotions and use the liberated energy to re-activate body and mind for self-healing, in an inspirational and fulfilling mode.

~ Daily morning gratitude meditation (Sanskrit Mantra)
~ Daily morning gentle yoga sessions (90-min therapeutic yoga for beginners)
~ Daily afternoon rebalance sessions: every day will be opening a new layer, to reveal your subconscious programs and attachments. Experience of deep transformation, re-programming and genuine self-healing.
~ Relax on the quiet beach
~ Explore the tropical island
~ Get cultural experience
~ Book a private healing session (receive a quantum healing massage or have a regression experience)
~ Beach-front boutique resort, swimming pool, chill-out area
~ Secluded jungle yoga hall
~ Delicious vegetarian/vegan food, abundance of tropical fruits
~ Cultural experience and community, unforgettable sunsets

Now is the time for your emotional rebalance and self-healing. Take the opportunity.