Shakti yoga Emotional Detox retreat center, Koh Phangan,Thailand

This small group retreat
was designed to empower you
to re-connect with your true potential
and to become the observer of your emotions,
understand and reprogram your mind-body to heal,
and open your heart towards freedom, joy and fulfilment.

retreat Thailand

You can choose what to attend according to your own process


~ Daily morning gratitude meditation (Sanskrit Mantra).
~ Daily morning Hatha yoga sessions (90-min therapeutic yoga practice).
~ Daily afternoon emotional detox experiences: every session will be opening a new layer, to reveal your subconscious programs and attachments. Experience of deep transformation, re-programming and genuine self-healing.


~ Relax on the quiet beach ~ Explore the island ~ Get cultural experience.
~ Book a private healing session. Receive a quantum healing massage or have a regression experience.


~ Beach-front boutique resort, swimming pool, secluded jungle yoga shala.
~ Delicious vegetarian/vegan food, abundance of tropical fruits.
~ Cultural experience and community, unforgettable sunsets.

Morning meditation

Set the intention for the day

Mantra meditation is the path to Transformation and Change, because it purifies the mind. Getting to the ancient root of it all, mantra, at its core, is the basis of all religious traditions, scriptures, and prayers. Mantra, when spoken or chanted, direct the healing power of Prana and, in traditional Vedic practices, can be used to energize and access spiritual states of consciousness. You will also be guided through the meditation postures, so that you can benefit a peaceful body position during practice.


Gentle Hatha yoga

Morning session

This special blend of Yin yoga and traditional Hatha, improves the energy flow and enhances Prana in the organs. Reduces stress & anxiety, works deep on your fascia while improving joint mobility and flexibility. The practice offers wonderful Emotional and Mental health benefits and accelerates your meditation practice. Your teacher guides you into connection with the heart chakra in self healing state during the practice.


The process of Self-Healing

InnerDance is a music based self-awareness process that guides participants into expanded states of consciousness. Laying on your yoga mat with the willingness to trust the process, intuitive self-healing happens. A wake-dream state, a dance of the consciousness. A Quantum moment, a space where we drop all that identifies us as us. Unite with the source of your true Being, shedding the layers of fear, attachment & conditioning that has imprisoned you in your identity, over the lifetimes.

breathwork Thailand

Rebirthing breathwork

Deep self-healing sessions

Rebirthing is a very powerful, self-healing, breathing technique. By circulating the breath, in a guided way, the body receives a new flow of fresh oxygen and prana, allowing activation of your natural healing system. In a Rebirthing session we are working on the deeper layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body. Re-wire patterns and release stuck emotions from the past, unlock your energetic potential and activate your life force energy. During the session, the safe space helps you to dive deep within yourself and to open up for healing, transformation and deeper inner connection.

Leela, the Game of Life

A realization experience

Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning Divine Play. This board-game was created by the ancient Yogis to put together sacred knowledge and show the way-out of endless cycles of rebirth. It is a unique tool to illustrate the Evolution of the Soul, to discover the deepest parts of the subconscious and to learn the art of Surrender to the divine nature of the Great Game of Life. Leela was played in small select Brahmin groups and there is still a lot of mystery around it. The Game process is leading to many strong realisations, about where you stand in your life and what are your opportunities for Evolution and Self-Healing.

Kirtan (Mantra Singing)

Self-love realisation

Kirtan is a process of connection with your Heart, through sacred Mantra. Kirtan singing is a deeply healing process and many participants experience the beautiful purification with tears of joy, self-forgiveness and gratitude for the divine essence of our being. Kirtan is a singing meditation and not a silent one. Surrender to your singing voice, and your Heart will do the rest. The Heart is the carrier of your Free Will, the gift that has been given to us in remembrance of our own Divinity.

Face yourself

you are the engineer of your face

Jaw tension release and stress patterns in face. A powerful technique to identify how the overall emotional, mental and physical state is depicted on our face. 


trauma release exercises

TRE uses seven exercises to release the psoas muscle, the deepest and largest muscle in the body. This powerful muscle holds physical, emotional, and mental stress that we carry in our bodies over the course of our lives.

Heart of Dance

movement connection

Heart of Dance is a heart centred journey of slowing down and connecting with the self. A guided opportunity to let go of the clutter in our lives and minds, slow down, and deeply experience your body wisdom, authentic selves, and platonic intimacy within a strongly held container.

Now is the time for your Emotional Rebalance, yoga and meditation retreat.