Reviews ~ Shakti Yoga retreat center

Sharing the Experience

Rebecca, London

Joerg, Germany

Daniella, Italy

Carola, Netherlands

I left Shakti today, feeling stronger, lighter and with lots of beautiful insights to take home. I want to thank you all for allowing me ‘to keep my own space’ that I so urgently needed to focus on re-connecting with myself again after so many many years of ‘forgetting’ / ‘ignoring’ who I really am. I wish you all the best with continuing your wonderful journey.

~ Carola

Tammy Nguyen Le, US

If you are reading this review, you are already drawn to this incredible place. I had a truly transformative 2 weeks at the Emotional Detox Program. The food and service at the resort was superb and they worked around all dietary restrictions. My yoga and workshop instructors taught from their heart and this made all the difference in my experience. I feel so grateful for this life-changing retreat.


Michael Stern, NYC

Shakti Yoga has become a Spiritual Nest to nurture the soul and me, coming home to oneness, in the sacredness of Nadia and Satyaprem creation. Each modality shares is of the highest consciousness and much appreciated as a Lighthouse Harbor for me in Koh Phangan.

~ Michael

Amarbyar, Mongolia

If you are reading this you are probably comparing a few options of retreats on the internet and trying to decide which one to select or whether you should book this meditation retreat or not. I was exactly in your shoes about a month ago and now I am thinking 1.500 words to write a review about what I liked, is simply not enough. This Retreat was truly a personal journey and a once-in-a-lifetime unique experience that will stay with me for life. I have never thought that taking a timeout from this busy life filled with desire, expectation, suffering, stress and occasional happiness and investing in myself to help heal my mind, body and soul would bring me such a different, new perspective about myself and the way I see and perceive things in life.


Martyna Weresniak, Poland

Going on Shakti retreat was best decision I’ve made in 2019. Thoroughly magical and spiritually opening experience. All instructors were absolutely wonderful people with open hearts and provided me with an opportunity to become a better version of myself and learn how to work out my issues. All classes and workshops taught me a lot about myself and let me connect with people on a different level. There is no hiding and pretending, just honesty and warm hugs. It’s hard to describe the vibe of this island but there is something magical about it that makes you want to stay or come back very soon. I’ll be forever grateful to all my instructors for showing me everything I’ve learnt at Shakti. Namaste.

~ Martyna

Jeffry Beckett, US

Clean room, good food, just a step from the beach. Yoga hall with amazing energy, surrounded by jungle forest. Beautiful buddhist temple on the side. Morning walk from the resort to the yoga hall, listening to the birds sing. But most important of all, the work inside and the self-healing process. Really, this has been a valuable experience that has changed the way I think of life. I became the best friend of me and learned how important it is to have self-acceptance and love all sides of me. Letting go of old beliefs about how my life is supposed to be. What a gift. My appreciation to the facilitators of this special place. I really hope that we will meet again soon. Preparing for my return trip to the US, the real journey is the one I contemplate inside.

~ Jeff